Our Technology

Our Technology



is all about enabling businesses to understand Data that are circling in the physical world. Our products are the cornerstone of data-driven decision-making toward operational efficiency, physical transformation, and the safe and immersive environments of the future.


is a strong consultancy and professional IT services provider that helps businesses to turn innovative technologies into products with a sustainable competitive advantage. We offer strategy consulting, full-cycle project support and management, and comprehensive training to help our customers meet their business goals through cloud automation and transformation.


By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning, CognoWatch transforms Images & video into valuable insights Real-Time Data analytics; real-time alerting; and quantitative video insights.

We increase operational efficiency for people, companies, and communities to realize the value of their Images & videos through its innovative, comprehensive video analytics platform designed for flexibility and scalability with market-leading accuracy, performance, and user experience.


Rapidly search and identify people and objects of interests in live Stream

Generate real-time notifications of critical events

Dynamically analyze trends in video content to influence and optimize operations

By using our analytics engine we are ready to provide innovative solution for optimization of your business

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

  • Automatic Reading of Utility MetersOnline & Agile reading of any types of analogue and digital Meters in GAS, Electricity and water segments
  • Automatic Reading of Objects ID numbersIndustrial parts have unique ID number which must be tracked and captured from factory to field
  • Automatic Reading of Plate numberPLNR is an old yet very effective tool for smart city and enterprise management
  • Automatic Reading of IDsFast and agile authentication and authorization via ID reading
  • Automatic Reading of Bar and QR codesBarcodes in any type and shape can be the cheapest way for asset management
  • Automatic Reading of Car and Cargo ID numbersWith online Vehicle ID detection asset management and logistics can be monitored at optimized with a very low cost

Automatic Meter Reading & Datamining

CognoWatch-Utility provides a Smart API and Plug-in for Utility service providers and their customers

It helps end-users to do SELF-reading and data capturing through our Smart Engine
Mobile Data capturing engine for assisting Smart meter rollout and Data capture
Automatic report generation for End-user and regional Electricity and water Dist Co.
Augmented Reality for Capturing & Damage Detection & Vandal detection & etc
Automatic payment via Credit/Debit Cards by only reading the Meter Bar/Refcode
Reducing the Cost of agent-based or personal reading
Increasing the speed of metering and meter level load mapping through the GIS module

Our Solution

Detection Process



Through either of the following ways :

1- OCR of ID/Passport
2- Cell number / ID number (Offred in limited territories)
3- OCR of ID plus Subscription Code in utility Comp.

Data Acquisition

Following Data are automatically  captured :

  • Time – Date
  • Location
  • IP address
  • Telcom Related Parameters (Cell ID, LAC, TAC and etc)

Image Capture

  • Wizard Based Imaging
  • Automatic capture only through Cameras
  • Embedding all the data to the Image Captured
  • Automatic transmission to Backend Database



Online Reporting Engine

All the gathered data are sent to subscriber by short URL and through APP account

Data Tags

Data are injected in database by specialized key words for future mining

Report of malfunction or Failure

Any physical damage or Electricity outage or problem in meter can be reported automatically to the Utility company by capturing the lamps and neighboring lamps

Online technician selection & tacking

GIS based technician search and selection. Costs shall be paid online

Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

We Provide Forensic based anti-fraud measures that protect the solution against any kinds of fraud


Pre-captured image can not be sent

Whole meter board is captured & analyzed

CRYPTO HASH KEY is utilized based on Block chain tech

Time &Location is captured via cellphone

The IP address is captured and cross-referenced with the location

We embed time and location stamps into the captured picture and we generate
an embedded HASH key based on blockchain for each unique capture

On the server side, the validity of the HASH key is audited and verified