Our Services

Our Services


Face Detection and Facial Recognition

Enable facial recognition to keep a log of people who enter your premises and also raise alerts when unauthorized people enter your critical locations

Video Surveillance

We provide Video surveillance solution by attaching our algorithm to CCTV get real timed data, detect faces and harness your security.

Traffic Survey

Get complete insight of all vehilces entering your premises to enforce traffic rules or generate customer insights

Data Annotation

Label objects and segment image with AI power data annotation.
Our Way

Our Way


A New Way of Deploying and Managing Video Analytics

CognoWatch’s flexible, robust platform provides a broad set of highly sophisticated AIpowered
video analytics capabilities for real-time detection of events of interest, object
tracking, and quick extraction of events and data from recorded video.


A Modern “Cloud-Ready” Architecture

Future-Proof, AI-Powered Video Analytics Software Platform

• Transforms any ONVIF / RTSP fixed IP camera into a smart IoT device
within seconds
• Designed for large scale and distributed, remote installations
• Available as software as a service (SaaS) or customer hosted installation
• Access from anywhere via web-based browser interface
• Modern software architecture increases scalability, reliability, and maintainability

Installer and End-User Focused

Connect to Any Camera, Anywhere, in Seconds

• Camera and VMS-agnostic
• Complete auto calibration without need for constant
tweaking or maintenance
• Customized capabilities available
• Connects to new and existing surveillance networks


CognoWatch’s Proprietary Artificial

Intelligence Engine

Next-Generation, Feature-Rich Video Analytics

• Custom built 2nd generation Deep Learning algorithm
• Trained on millions of reference images from real surveillance footage (CCD & thermal)
• Precise classification of numerous classes of objects
• Broad set of pre-optimized video analytics functionalities
• Field-proven across thousands of sites
• Industry-leading low-cost H/W per camera ratio

CognoWatch– The Video Analytics Pioneer

State-Of-The-Art Analysis & Investigative Tools from
the Industry Leader

• Founded in 2021
• Boasts proprietary AI-powered algorithms and
• couples of deployments across multiple

Our Solution

Our Solution


Different Solutions for Different Scenarios